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Nokia teases September 5th Windows Phone event, claims 'things are about to change'

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Nokia is teasing that "things are about to change" on September 5th as it's set to introduce new Windows Phone 8 devices.

Nokia YouTube PureView teaser
Nokia YouTube PureView teaser

While Nokia has scheduled a joint press conference with Microsoft for September 5th, we're only expecting two Windows Phone devices right now. A new video from Nokia's official YouTube channel hints that the company could be preparing a big announcement on September 5th. The video, which appears to be shot on a camera phone, shows a bike ride with the text "things are about to change." An accompanying description notes the change will occur on September 5th.

It's not immediately clear from the video if the footage is shot from a Nokia Windows Phone or even an anticipated PureView Windows Phone, but it follows rumors of a third Nokia Windows Phone for September 5th. Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, who has a varied history with Nokia rumors, claims the Finnish company will introduce three Windows Phone 8 devices on September 5th. Coupled with a relaunch for Nokia's main store in Finland, and an evening public Nokia event in New York on September 5th — it looks like the company might have something special to share with the world next week.