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Sprint expands LTE coverage to four additional markets

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Sprint's LTE coverage now includes Baltimore, MD; Gainesville, GA; Manhattan/Junction City, KS; and Sedalia, MO.

Sprint store (STOCK)
Sprint store (STOCK)

As promised, Sprint has expanded its recently launched LTE service before Labor Day arrived in the United States. Extending beyond the original 15 cities, subscribers in Baltimore, Maryland; Gainesville, Georgia; Manhattan and Junction City, Kansas; and Sedalia, Missouri now have access the company's high speed wireless data. The carrier will be turning on LTE in Sherman-Dennison, Texas in the coming weeks as well. Additionally, Sprint has implemented new 3G equipment to improve signal quality in Baltimore, Boston, and Washington DC. The carrier previously announced plans to aggressively roll out LTE coverage in 2013 while releasing "15-plus" new devices in 2012 that utilize the technology.