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Smartype adds a display to your keyboard for improved typing, easy app access

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KeyView has introduced a new kind of keyboard with a built-in display, so that you can see what you type without looking at your monitor.


Applications are making their way into just about all of our gadgets, and the team at KeyView are adding the keyboard to that ever-growing list. The company has just introduced the smartype, a keyboard with a built-in display designed to both house apps and improve your typing experience. While typing, the tiny screen will display what you're writing so that you don't have to look up at your monitor — KeyType hopes that this will both help reduce neck strain, as well as keep writers focused on the task at hand.

But when you're not writing the display can also be used to pull up glanceable information in the form of apps, such as ones that display your Twitter or Facebook feeds, or even let you monitor your PC's performance. No pricing details have been revealed, though KeyView, which was founded by DiskOnKey inventor Dov Moran, says that the device is already available in Israel, with an international launch "planned for the near future."