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Google+ gets new business features, Hangouts integration with Calendar

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Google announced the launch of new, business-focused features for Google+ in a blog post today.

google plus logo 1020 stock
google plus logo 1020 stock

Google has announced the launch of new, business-focused features for Google+, extending the search giant's social push to the workplace. Among the new features is the ability to add a hangout to Google Calendar invites, which means that others can join a Hangout directly from the invite. This is another small step in Google's attempt to integrate Hangouts with its other services, after Gmail and Google Docs integration was added earlier this year.

The update also gives administrators more privacy controls, and allows users to mark posts as restricted so they can only be shared within a particular organization. Also, administrators can now set company-wide defaults for these restrictions, and enable restricted Hangouts for private meetings. These changes are rolling out today, and Google promises that more new features, like a mobile version of Google+ for businesses and even more administrative privacy features, are on the way.