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Dan Deacon's mobile app creates a concert light show out of smartphones

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A new mobile app from musician Dan Deacon turns your smartphone into a part of a concert's light show.

Dan Deacon Facebook image
Dan Deacon Facebook image

While bands like Coldplay have used LED wristbands to turn their audiences into part of a concert's light show, musician Dan Deacon is going a somewhat different route with a new app. Available for both iPhone and Android, the mobile app is designed not only to help create a crowdsourced lighting spectacle during Deacon's concerts, but also produce sounds, serving as an extra musical instrument. According to Deacon, the app doesn't require any Wi-Fi or data connection, but instead is able to sync to the music being played during the concert. "Hopefully the app will turn the experience of having your phone out at a show into something communally immersive," says Deacon. If you're interested in being part of the light show yourself, be sure to check out his upcoming tour schedule — and you won't even have to wear a pair of mouse ears.

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