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Flipboard launches curated TV section for video

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Flipboard adds dedicated, curated video channels to its reading apps.

Flipboard 1020
Flipboard 1020

Just one day after announcing it now has 20 million users, the popular tablet and smartphone reading app is launching a curated video section called Flipboard TV. The videos are organized by topic, such as sections for music which include NPR and Pitchfork videos, cooking, with content from the Food Network, and news content from ABC and Al Jazeera. It's likely to be just the beginning of an all-new in app experience which sees, on average, 86 minutes of usage per month per active user. For Flipboard, the move seems a part of an overall aggressive strategy on behalf of its users to provide an ever-growing pile of personally customizable content integrated with social networks. The new video experience is powered by already popular YouTube channels.