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Photojournalist covers the Olympics with an iPhone

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Guardian photojournalist Dan Chung is keeping a blog of pictures from the Olympic Games taken with an iPhone.

olympics iphone (guardian)
olympics iphone (guardian)

You'd think the 2012 Olympics would prove the perfect opportunity for sports photographers to give something like a new Nikon D4 a workout, but Guardian photojournalist Dan Chung is taking a slightly different approach. He's keeping a photoblog entirely comprised of pictures taken with his iPhone, covering everything from fast-paced action on the field to colorful portraits of fans.

Most of the pictures used an iPhone 4S — "the snapshot camera of today," according to Annie Liebovitz — and the processing app Snapseed, but Chung also used a clip-on Schneider lens and some Canon binoculars to achieve his results. It's well worth clicking through to see the full set, and it'll be updated with more pictures as the Games go on. Between this and Getty Images licensing Instagram portraits of the New York Yankees, the iPhone seems to have found an unlikely home in the world of sports photography.