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Sony NEX-5R and NEX-6 mirrorless cameras with Wi-Fi rumored for September launch

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Rumored details of the next NEX mirrorless cameras from Sony have emerged.

sony nex-7 stock
sony nex-7 stock

Sony's Q1 financial results made for predictably depressing reading yesterday, but one of the few positives was the imaging division's strong performance boosted by sales of interchangeable lens cameras. The popular mirrorless NEX range is at the forefront of Sony's drive to become a major photography player, so it's no surprise to hear word of new models coming up soon — the often reliable Sony Alpha Rumors says that the NEX-5R and NEX-6 are both set to be announced in September ahead of Photokina.

The NEX-5R is reportedly a follow-up to the excellent NEX-5N that uses a similar 180-degree tilting screen to the recent NEX-F3, while the NEX-6 is said to be a cut-price alternative to the high-end NEX-7 with a lower resolution electronic viewfinder. Both cameras will apparently feature Wi-Fi support, too, something we're slowly starting to see make the jump from compacts to more advanced models. Finally, for existing NEX owners not looking for new bodies, it looks like we'll see three new E-mount lenses appear at around the same time — 11-18mm and 16-50mm pancake zooms and a "fast prime" of unspecified nature.