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Samsung's first Australian store will be on the same block as Apple's

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Samsung is to open its first store in Australia just a few doors down from Apple's first store.

Samsung logo, ces (1020)
Samsung logo, ces (1020)

Following its recent Canadian retail launch, Samsung has confirmed to Ausdroid that it will open its first Australian "Samsung Experience Store" in Sydney soon.The store will be located at 450 George Street, one of the city's bestl-known streets, a few doors down from Apple's first Australian store. Apple now has 14 stores in Australia, but the George Street venue remains one of its largest and most important, as proved by RIM's ill-advised 'wake-up' flashmob turning up there earlier this year.

Samsung says its George Street store will be a "premium space" for customers to experience "the latest cutting-edge Samsung products." It's not clear if the company will use the same highly unique uniform and store layout as in its first Canadian store, but it plans to announce the official opening date soon, so we won't have a long wait to find out.

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