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Hamazon: an Amazon-style market for flotsam and jetsam

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Hamazon is an online marketplace in the mold of Amazon, showcasing pieces of trash washed up on its creator's local beach in northwest Japan.


A project by Japanese design student Tomomi Tamura, Hamazon is an online marketplace in the style of the internationally ubiquitous Amazon — but instead of books and consumer goods, it offers pieces of flotsam and jetsam washed up on Tamura's local beach in Niigata. Hama is the Japanese word for shore, but there's more to the project than just a cheap pun. Hamazon offers a real insight into what might be termed the trash trade routes between Japan and the rest of the world, with the top three sources being Korea, China, and Russia. Delving further into the site, it's possible to find bottles and other artifacts from as far away as the United States and even the UAE. Ultimately, it's a testament to the power of Japan's famed wabi-sabi aesthetic — an attitude which accepts the necessity of transience and imperfection as part of the world's overall beauty. Head over to Tamura's site to see the project in full.