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Microsoft's new Windows 8 Start Screen patterns are gloriously crazy

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Microsoft's final build of Windows 8 includes some new Start Screen patterns, we get a closer look at them.

Windows 8 Start Screen patterns
Windows 8 Start Screen patterns

We got an early glimpse at the final customization options for Windows 8 earlier this week, showing the new patterns available for the Start Screen as thumbnails. A leaked build of Windows 8 emerged yesterday, but customization options are disabled unless the copy is fully activated. Thanks to an anonymous tipster we've managed to get an early look at the new Start Screen patterns in Windows 8, and it's fair to say they're pretty colorful.

There are 20 different patterns to choose from, ranging from floral designs all the way through to some pixel art-inspired examples. Most of the more vibrant designs don't interact with the background of the tiles, something that Microsoft has been keen to avoid — to ensure Windows 8 users can still read tiles without distractions. Other user interface changes in the final build include the removal of the Aero theme functionality in the desktop part of Windows 8, but one of Microsoft's biggest surprises is the level of customization available in its new Start Screen.

The patterns can be applied to the background of the Start Screen, with a color picker available to customize the look even further. Some of the imagery is similar to the backgrounds used in the final copy of Windows 7, which featured styles from artists "with the intention of representing and appealing to people all around the world."