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Telus launching LTE-capable PlayBook next week for $549.99 off-contract

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Telus has announced that it will be selling the LTE-capable BlackBerry PlayBook for $549.99 outright when it launches next week.

PlayBook 2.0 hero2 (1024px)
PlayBook 2.0 hero2 (1024px)

Canadian carrier Telus has announced that it will be one of the first carriers to sell the new LTE-capable BlackBerry PlayBook. MobileSyrup reports that Telus will launch the PlayBook next week (probably on August 9th, the date RIM gave us) through its dealers and online. It will sell for $549.99, apparently off-contract; if a contract will be offered, there's no price for it yet. We're not sure who else might be selling the PlayBook, but MobileSyrup has also leaked pricing for Rogers, which is expected to offer it for $549.99 outright with discounts of up to $200 based on contract length.

So far, the 4G PlayBook is only set to launch in Canada, but international versions are expected in the next few months. Besides its wireless capabilities, it's similar to the Wi-Fi version, but RIM's site reveals a few differences. First, it comes only in 32GB, rather than the wider range of Wi-Fi PlayBook sizes. It also includes a much-appreciated speed boost, with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor rather than the 1GHz of the older version.