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NBC's Olympics website garners 744 million page views, quadrupling Beijing Games

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During the first week of the 2012 Olympics, NBC's dedicated site for the Games brought in over 744 million page views and more than 75 million streamed videos.

National Gallery_1020
National Gallery_1020

NBC's televised coverage of the London Olympics hasn't been without a heavy dose of negative criticism, but that hasn't stopped people from visiting the channel's dedicated site for the Games. According to Wired, exceeded 744 million page views for the first week of the 2012 Olympics, more than four times the amount of viewers who visited during the Beijing Games for the same time period. Even with a flurry of complaints regarding the quality of videos on the site, footage of the Games was viewed over 75 million times, with over two million watching a live stream of Michael Phelps earning his World Record-setting 19th Olympic medal. So while NBC may feel that the Olympic Opening Ceremony is too complex for internet viewers, it doesn't seem to mind the heavy influx of visitors to its site during the event.