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Leap Wireless to launch new Android plans with unlimited Muve Music

Leap Wireless is introducing three new Android plans on Sunday, all featuring unlimited access to its Muve Music service.

Leap Wireless logo
Leap Wireless logo

Leap Wireless, which offers prepaid phones under the carrier brand Cricket, has announced that unlimited access to its Muve Music download service will be provided as standard in future Android service plans. Set to be launched on Sunday, the new plans will cost $50, $60, and $70 per month, offering 1GB, 2.5GB, and 5GB of data respectively, alongside unlimited voice minutes and texts — Muve activity will not count towards customers' monthly data limits.

While the company is billing the move as addition with "no extra charge" to users, it is worth pointing out that the plans will replace a universal Android plan which costs $55 for 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, 2GB of data and unlimited Muve access — possible a more cost-effective option for some users. Other services set to be introduced on Sunday include a suite of data management tools for smartphones and the ability to boost data limits at a cost of $10 per gigabyte.