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Moleskine for Android features style and ivory-colored pages, launching exclusively on Galaxy Note

Moleskine for Android features style and ivory-colored pages, launching exclusively on Galaxy Note


We take a look at Samsung's exclusive Moleskine app for Android.

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Moleskine is continuing its push from analog to digital: after unveiling its Evernote Smart Notebooks earlier this month, the paper notebook company is now partnering with Samsung on its Moleskine app for Android. The app is another sketching, drawing, and note-taking app in an increasingly crowded field, but the partnership with Samsung means that the app is preinstalled on the Galaxy Note II and 10.1, and it is exclusive to Samsung for about six months, a Moleskine representative told us.

The app itself is currently in Alpha form, and many of the menus and features are not available. At the app's core is an iBooks-like bookshelf where all of your journals sit. Journals can have plain, grid, or lined pages, and there are a choice of special purpose journals — the one available in the Alpha was for a dog profile, but we're told other journals and customizable templates will eventually be available.

Moleskine app for Android hands-on pictures


Moleskine is calling this the Android version of its iOS app, but it differs quite a bit because of its focus on the Galaxy Note's S Pen. You get your standard options along the top — color, size, handwriting-to-text, and brushstroke — and you can add and delete pages at will. None of that is terribly unique, but it's clear that Moleskine is trying to win with its style. Moleskine told us that it's being offered alongside the built-in S Note app as it's more focused on design and creativity with a "relaxed" attitude. That all comes from those iconic ivory-colored pages and the inclusion of a digital "pocket" like the ones in traditional Moleskine journals, which you can add items to after cutting them with the scissor tool or taking a photograph.

Lastly, Moleskine and Samsung are working on custom covers that incorporate a paper notebook and a spot for the Galaxy Note. Unfortunately they're all prototypes and we didn't get to see any in person.