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Toshiba's Satellite U920t, a convertible Windows 8 ultrabook and tablet

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Toshiba's U920t is a variant of the U925t, a hybrid tablet and ultrabook running Windows 8.

Toshiba Satellite U920t
Toshiba Satellite U920t

After seeing the Toshiba U925t convertible laptop running Windows 8, we're now getting a look at its European variant, the Satellite U920t. Like Sony's VAIO Duo 11, the Satellite U920t is a combination of ultrabook and tablet, with a rear hinge that connects screen and keyboard. With a 12.5-inch widescreen display, it makes a fairly normal-looking Windows 8 laptop, complete with sizable trackpad and keyboard. Key placement on this model is a bit different from on the U925t — the left Shift key is shortened and the Enter key is moved up — but the overall device hasn't changed. After sliding the screen down, the U920t becomes a thick tablet that rotates into an unusually long portrait mode.

While it's going to be competing with Microsoft's Surface tablet, the U920t has more in common with notebooks, including a solid state drive of up to 256GB, two USB ports, an HDMI port, and an SD card reader. Official pricing hasn't been announced yet, but a spokesperson told us its stocking price would be €949, or almost $1,200. Like the U925t, the U920t is being released on October 26th, along with Windows 8.