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Google makes Map Maker social with support for Google+ sharing

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Google's Map Maker tool now lets you share map edits with your friends on Google+.

Google Maps directions android
Google Maps directions android

Google has made the process of editing a map a little more social with the addition of Google+ support for its Map Maker tool. The new feature lets you share any edits you've made to a map or reviews you've written with people in your Google+ Circles, who can then comment on the post to make the editing process a bit more collaborative. "By sharing your map edits and reviews with people connected to you on Google+ who may be regional experts or know about a particular area," says Google, "you can both enjoy a shared interest and improve Google Maps." The Map Maker tool lets users practice digital cartography by editing existing maps with places and roads, and you can also review edits made by other users. The new sharing feature is live now.