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Artist Arran Gregory's 'Wolf' is part polygonal, part primal

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Artist Arran Gregory is currently hosting a solo art show in London, featuring a wolf sculpture made of polygonal mirrors.

aaron gregory wolf sculpture
aaron gregory wolf sculpture

London-based illustrator Arran Gregory has created a beautiful sculpture of a mirrored wolf that — being the video game fans that we are — gives us an idea of what Okami's Amaterasu might look like in real life. The sculpture is the centerpiece of his current show in London, aptly titled Wolf, and can be seen alongside an equally-polygonal rhino head and other works of art. Head over to Gregory's tumblr page for a more detailed look at his wild side or, if you're in the London area, a private viewing of Wolf is being held at The Print House Gallery until September 5th. To witness the artist in action, a time-lapse video showing the creation of the wolf sculpture can be seen below.