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Sparrow for iPhone gets ability to open links in Chrome

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Despite being orphaned by its developers, Sparrow for iPhone has been updated with the ability to open web links in the Chrome browser.

Sparrow for iPhone Open in Chrome feature
Sparrow for iPhone Open in Chrome feature

Sparrow for iPhone, everyone's favorite-yet-orphaned email client, has received yet another update today, despite the fact that the company claimed the app would not gain any new features. The latest version gains the ability to open links in the Chrome browser as well as Safari — a feature that will get heavy use around these parts — in addition to improved IMAP compatibility, better avatar support, and miscellaneous bug fixes. Google was the first company to follow its own guidelines for adding the Chrome integration to iOS apps with a recent update to the Google+ app, and given that the company behind Sparrow was recently purchased by Google, the new Chrome integration doesn't come as a huge surprise. We're not sure how many more times Sparrow will be updated with new features, but considering that it is still in heavy use despite its orphaned state, we'll take anything we can get.