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Windows Phone 8 to include Kid's Corner, a separate Start screen for parental control

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Microsoft is planning to include a Kid's Corner feature in Windows Phone 8 that provides a separate Start screen interface to children.

Kid's Corner Windows Phone 8
Kid's Corner Windows Phone 8

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system will include a Kid's Corner option that provides a unique parental control feature to the company's mobile handsets. Kid's Corner, previously known as Kid's Zone, will be a separate Start screen environment designed for children to access apps, videos, games, and music that is shared by a parent. Thanks to a tipster, we've learned that Windows Phone owners will be able to setup a Start screen with the specially controlled apps on, and a child will access the feature by swiping from the left on the lock screen.


Once Kid's Corner is activated, children can then obtain full access to any games, music, videos, and apps that are enabled — including game scores and app passwords. Kid's Corner is then deactivated by simply pressing the power button on the phone. Parents have the option to control the accent color and name of the Kid's Corner through a customization menu in the setup routine. We understand that this feature will be making its way to all Windows Phone 8 handsets when they're available later this year.