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Digg Archive offers users access to their old data

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Digg has launched the Digg Archive to give users access to data that was submitted to the old version of the site.

Digg Archive
Digg Archive

Longtime users of the aggregation service known as Digg were at a loss when the site's new owners unveiled a complete redesign earlier this year and cut off access to the years of submissions, articles, comments, and Diggs that users had accumulated. The new Digg promised that users would eventually be able to access all of their old data, and today the company launched the Digg Archive, a tool for them to do just that. The Digg Archive contains it all: Diggs, articles, submissions, comments — essentially everything that users had posted to the old version of the site.

Once you have signed in and accessed your data, Digg has made it simple to transfer the information into Kippt and Pinboard if you wish, or just download it wholesale in JSON or CSV format. Earlier, the company had said that users would be able to "browse" their data on the archive site, but it appears now that it is only available for export to other services. While this likely won't make users of the old Digg fans of the redesign, it should satisfy those that have been looking for a way to access their old data.