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90 Seconds on the Verge: Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Dell, Amazon, Apple, and Google all have something to say — Paul Miller's here to tell you about it.

Paul 90 Seconds
Paul 90 Seconds

It's that time of year again — can you smell it in the air? It's laptop season! The world is gathered in Berlin for the glorious release of one hundred and forty million new laptops (all numbers approximate). We've welcomed Paul from off the internet, and shared with him all of this week's new wares. And oh, what wares! In addition to the slew of laptops, today brought word that Google and Apple are engaged in some very high-level discussions about patents. We also got a look at what Bezos and co. have been up to when they're not watching episodes of Parks and Rec on Amazon Instant. All that and more, from your internet-free pal Paul Miller. And all in 90 seconds! He's so efficient, that Paul.

Stories of the day:

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