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Jabra unveils Solemate, a shoe-themed Jawbone Jambox competitor

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Jabra Solemate is a shoe-themed Bluetooth speaker that has a lot in common with the Jawbone Jambox.

jabra soulmate
jabra soulmate

At second glance there's not a lot to separate the Jabra Solemate from the Jawbone Jambox: both are $199.99 compact Bluetooth speakers with a simple interface, speakerphone functionality, and around ten hours of battery life. At first glance, however, you'll probably just notice how much the Solemate looks like a sneaker.

It comes with a replaceable "sole" that stores a 3.5mm line-in cable, there's a carrying tab on the "heel," and like you'd expect from a $200 pair of shoes the Solemate is splash-, dust-, sweat- and shock-resistant. We can't make any judgement on the sound quality yet, but if you're interested it'll be available in black and white variants at Best Buy and Amazon from September 2nd.