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Withings introduces WS-30 Wireless Scale and Health Companion app

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Withings has introduced a new wireless bathroom scale which integrates with its Health Companion App.

Withings app and scale
Withings app and scale

Withings has introduced a new wireless bathroom scale and mobile app combination in an attempt to challenge rival Fitbit. Building on the original Wi-Fi Body Scale, the Wireless Scale WS-30 offers a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to enjoy what the company terms a "PC-free experience," connecting the scale directly to smartphones and tablets. Other new features include position control, which helps users to stand properly on the scale, and an automatic detection system for multiple users.

Downloading data either directly from the scale or via users' online Withings accounts, the Health Companion app provides a number of visualization options for tracking progress towards weight goals, as well as features such as push notifications. It also integrates with third-party apps such as RunKeeper to provide an overall picture of exercise and fitness activity.

Working with existing devices, Withings Health Companion is already available in Apple's App Store, with an Android version apparently "coming soon." The Wireless Scale itself will be available in Europe in late September for a recommended retail price of €119.95 ($150) — it is not yet clear when the device will hit US shelves.