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Acer introduces Aspire M3 and V5 touch-enabled laptops

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Acer has revealed touch-enabled screens for its V5 and M3 laptops, specially designed for WIndows 8.

Gallery Photo: Acer touch-enabled Aspire M3 and V5
Gallery Photo: Acer touch-enabled Aspire M3 and V5

Acer is touch-enabling its Aspire M3 ultrabook and Aspire V5 notebook this week at IFA 2012. We got to see non-touch display versions of the M3 and V5 at Cebit earlier this year, but the company is shipping displays on both laptops that support 10-points of touch for Windows 8. Acer's M3 touch series ultrabook features the same 15.6-inch display size as the M3 and an Nvidia GT640M GPU, coupled with a weight of 2.3kg and 22mm thin frame.

The Acer V5 touch series remain largely the same spec wise from the non-touch versions. The V5 touch will ship in 14-inch and 15.6-inch versions, but Acer appears to have dropped the 11.6-inch version that was available on the non-touch V5 edition. Both laptops will include Intel Ivy Bridge processors and optical drives. The 14-inch model weighs in at 2.1kg and is 21mm thick, while the 15.6-inch model weighs 2.4kg and is 23mm thick. Both will be available in a selection of colors, but Acer has not yet revealed pricing or availability.