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Scandinavian Samsung products to come with HBO Nordic preinstalled

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HBO Nordic's app will come preinstalled on Samsung products throughout Scandinavia under the terms of a deal announced at the IFA trade show today.

HBO Nordic logo
HBO Nordic logo

HBO Nordic, a recently-announced venture to provide streaming HBO content in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, will come with its app preinstalled on Samsung products across the region. The news, which came as part of an agreement announced at the IFA trade show in Berlin today, has been confirmed by the HBO Finland Twitter account:

HBO Nordic will reportedly cost less than €10 ($12.50) per month at launch, and will offer access to new HBO content "hours" after it has been aired in the US. It will also include a library of older shows, as well as content from Showtime and Starz. Despite constant pressure from campaigns such as "Take My Money, HBO," the company doesn't appear to have any plans to launch a similar service in the US.