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Grooveshark app for Android removed from Google Play once again

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It just made its return earlier this week, but Grooveshark's Android app has once again been removed from the Google Play store.

Grooveshark app in Google Play store
Grooveshark app in Google Play store

Grooveshark fans rejoiced this week when the streaming music app made its long-awaited return to the Google Play store, but it looks like the celebration will be short lived. Just a few days later the app is once again no longer available through Google's Android marketplace. Grooveshark's service has been under a barrage of legal complaints for some time, and the app was originally removed from the store last year, before being re-added this past Tuesday. We've contacted Grooveshark about the removal but have yet to hear back as of this writing.

Update: A Grooveshark spokesperson confirmed the app's removal and sent us the following statement the future of Grooveshark on Google Play:

We have filed a counter-notice and are working with Google and their Google Play reinstatement process to get our our app back in the market. Until then, our android app remains available for all at and we thank all the users who continue to support open music, open markets, and open internet.

Update 2: Although it's not clear how Grooveshark got its app back into the Google Play Store, Google itself apparently didn't work with the company to do it. As a spokesperson told the New York Times, "the company had not worked with Grooveshark to reinstate the app, and added that the program was removed for a violation of Google’s policies for developers." It's looking more and more like a game of cat and mouse.