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Nokia Lumia 820 prototype images leak, show off white model with 335MB RAM

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Nokia's Lumia 820 device has leaked in the form of a prototype device, showing a white model with just 335MB of RAM

Lumia 820 leak (We Love WP HK)
Lumia 820 leak (We Love WP HK)

Nokia's Lumia 820 got an early debut in render form earlier today, and now images of a prototype version of the same device have leaked out. Posted at We Love Windows Phone HK, the images show what looks to be an early version of the Lumia 820 with a slightly different camera housing. Interestingly, the Lumia 820 is shown in white — which backs up the multiple colors we saw earlier today.

The Lumia 820 pictured is said to be running on Windows Phone 8 build 8.0.9735.0 with 335MB of RAM and you can clearly see the branding on the handset. No other specifications are available, but we're expecting to see the Lumia 820 at a special Nokia and Microsoft event in New York next week.