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Good Deal: prepare for the long weekend with cheap PC game downloads from Amazon

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Amazon has put a huge selection of PC game downloads on sale, including the likes of Mass Effect 3 and The Darkness II.

Mass Effect 3 Good Deal
Mass Effect 3 Good Deal

Labor Day weekend is approaching, and you know what that means — it's time to play some PC games. Amazon is doing its part to help with a nice selection of PC downloads available at some pretty low prices. You can grab Mass Effect 3 for $15.99, The Darkness II for $9.99, Crysis 2 for $9.99, Saints Row 2 for $7.50, and plenty more. There are even a few bundles to choose from — you can get a trio of Double Fine games (Psychonauts, Stacking, and Costume Quest) for $9.99 or $94.95 worth of Square Enix games for just $9.50. The sale is on until September 9th, and the number of games on offer is pretty huge — so be sure to check out the source link below to find something worth playing this long weekend.