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Facebook apps can now send you custom notifications

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A new tool for app developers lets them send short messages directly to your notifications menu.

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facebook logo 1020

Facebook has released a new tool for app developers that means you could be receiving even more notifications soon. The new feature makes it possible for apps to send users notifications in the form of short, customized messages — and developers don't have to worry about asking for any additional permissions to do so, though users have the option to opt-out once they start receiving messages, as with other notifications. While this new tool could potentially lead to a flood of app spam in your notifications menu, Facebook is urging developers to exercise restraint.

"Be mindful of the language you use."

"To ensure the best reach for your notifications," says Facebook software engineer Bo Zhang, "be mindful of the language you use and the frequency at which you send them." The social network will also be keeping track of how often users turn off notifications from each app, and those that get turned off too often will be dubbed spam and disabled. The feature currently only works on Facebook's desktop site, with no word on when it may make its way to mobile as well.