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President Obama's Reddit AMA reaches over 5 million pageviews

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Reddit releases traffic data for President Obama's AMA.

President Obama AMA
President Obama AMA

You're undoubtedly aware of President Obama's Reddit appearance Wednesday, wherein he became the first sitting POTUS to ever participate in an Ask Me Anything thread. Reddit nearly buckled for most of the time President Obama was answering questions, although it never went down completely.

Given that, it's not surprising to hear today that the AMA got 2.9 million page views during the live event, and, as of 12:00 PM ET, the thread had 5.2 million pageviews, with nearly 200,000 concurrent users. The thread is the first to ever surpass the amount of traffic on Reddit's front page, pulling in about 30 percent of Reddit's total traffic while Obama was answering questions, and ending up as its biggest day ever. Reddit also says that they added 30 dedicated servers to prepare for the President's appearance (or about 30 percent) but even that wasn't quite enough.