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All HTC One X and One S devices to get new menu button option

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HTC has confirmed that all One X and One S models will be receiving an update that gives the option to map the menu button to the multitasking key.

HTC One X menu bar
HTC One X menu bar

It looks like all One X and One S owners — including those internationally — are going to get a similar update to the one AT&T released last Thursday, allowing users to map the pre-Android 4.0 menu button to the multitasking capacitive touch key on the bottom of the device. Word that the AT&T One X won't be the only One series phone to get the much-needed option comes via AnandTech, which heard directly from HTC that it is working on an update for the other devices.

In case you're not familiar, the issue stems from the One series' use of three hard buttons along the bottom of the device: back, home, and multitasking. Those are the only three navigation buttons required in Android 4.0, but many apps have yet to be upgraded to use on-screen menu buttons and still require the universal button of old. For those apps, the One series has always displayed a large black bar at the bottom of the screen that served as a menu button. With the recent update to the AT&T One X users can either leave the functionality as it is, set a short press of the multitasking button to serve as the menu key while a long press enters the app switching menu, or vice-versa. While the One X and One S are now promised to get similar functionality, the Evo 4G LTE, and Droid Incredible 4G LTE are still left out in the cold for now. We've reached out to HTC to get more information about the fate of those devices, and we'll update this article when we hear more.

Update: Changed to note that the GSM One V has always used a long press of the multitasking button to activate the menu. Thanks, fluxkompensator.