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Splashtop Remote Desktop for Windows 8 released in consumer preview form

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Splashtop Remote Desktop is available now for free in the Windows Store as a consumer preview version.

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Splashtop Remote Desktop windows 8
Splashtop Remote Desktop windows 8

Splashtop has long focused on providing remote desktop applications for Android tablets and iPads, and now that Windows 8 is nearly upon us it has seen fit to release a similar solution for the tablet-friendly OS. The app — naturally called Splashtop Remote Desktop — should function just like its Android and iOS brethren and allow you to view, control, and modify your Windows or Mac over the web. The free companion streaming software is only available for Windows XP or greater or Mac OS X 10.6 or newer, and you'll need to set up your computer with a static IP address for the app to be able to connect and give you control. The Windows 8 app is currently just a consumer preview version, so it's not clear what features — if any — will be added down the road. For now, Splashtop promises that you'll be able to stream HD videos and games with minimal lag at 30FPS — a claim we tested out ourselves back at CES on a Transformer Prime. If you're interested, the app is available now free of charge in the Windows Store.