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Play this: '10000000'

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Despite its strange name, 10000000 is the perfect way to get in your dungeon crawling fix when you don't have a lot of time.


Combining a puzzle game with role playing elements isn't a new concept, but 10000000 has a distinct advantage over similar games that makes it a perfect fit for playing on your iPhone: it's really, really fast. The game is all about exploring a dungeon, where you'll find all manner of bad guys to battle and treasure chests to open. And in order to perform actions, you'll need to match tiles at the bottom of the screen. Matching three or more swords will cause your pixelated character to attack, for instance, while matching keys will open up locked chests. But what sets it apart from games like Puzzle Quest is just how fast things happen. Your character will run automatically, and the longer he stays still while you fight an enemy, the worse off your are.

The emphasis on speed can be jarring at first, as you'll die quite a bit — an early achievement rewards you for surviving for a minute and a half — but it also proves to be the game's biggest strength. It lets you get your dungeon crawling fix without the massive time investment. But that doesn't mean there isn't depth, as there's plenty of loot to collect, skills to learn, and even a home base to fix up. It's an addicting timesink that may take some time to get used to, but is fully worth the effort. That is, unless you value your free time. You can grab the game from the App Store at the source link below.