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Play this: solve word puzzles in the text-based underworld of 'ASCIIvania'

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ASCIIvania is a "metroidvania" style word game where you move around a text-based map as a single letter trying to collect all of the other letters seeking true alphabetical power.


ASCIIvania is a fresh take on the "metroidvania" style that challenges players to shapeshift and solve word puzzles. You start off as a single letter that can scoot around the text-based map until you get your first power-up, the carat symbol, which allows you to jump. By collecting the other letters scattered around the map, you can complete more words, unlocking new rooms in the ASCIIvania underworld. The ultimate goal is to amass as many letters and power-ups as possible, giving you unlimited word-solving power. If you're looking for a fun and nostalgia-filled weekend game that will tax your vocabulary at times, head over to Kongregate and play it now for free.