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eBay testing same-day delivery service for iOS called eBay Now

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eBay has launched the eBay now app for iOS, a beta service that allows same-day delivery for residents of San Francisco.

ebay now logo
ebay now logo

eBay has launched the eBay Now app for iOS devices, giving San Francisco residents the option of having $5 same-day delivery when making purchases of over $25 from a local store. eBay quietly introduced the service this morning by sending out email invitations to eBay users in San Fransisco, and beta users will receive a $15 discount for their first purchase and free delivery for their first three orders. Unfortunately, the $5 delivery fee applies to each item, and combined delivery fees have not yet been established.

When selecting an item for purchase through the eBay Now app, users will be contacted by a "Shopping Assistant" who will facilitate the entire transaction. From verifying the request by phone call to physically purchasing the item and dropping it off in your hands, this person is the one making same-day delivery possible.

eBay has partnered with a number of major retailers for the service, including Macy's, Target, Best Buy, and Bloomingdales. A signup form is available so that you can be notified when the service reaches your area, although it's not clear yet when and if the company plans to expand the service across the country. If the testing proves successful, eBay will provide a service that Amazon has yet to figure out.

Update: A previous version of this story said that eBay Now is available in the San Francisco Bay Area, but it is only currently available in the city of San Francisco. We apologize for the error.