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Disable Metro?


Yes, I know that Microsoft is no longer spouting the "Metro design," but it's going to be identifiable for long enough around here.

So I managed to obtain...from a anonymous friend of mine... a copy of the leaked Windows 8 N RTM (the European version that ships without Media Player). Having also used the Consumer and Release Previews on a laptop, I was less than thrilled to have to deal with the constant interface switching between Metro and Desktop mode. As such, I used a couple different programs to alter or disable Metro (most notably, Metro Controller). However, all of these exploits center around either creating a task in Task Scheduler to switch to Desktop mode as soon as someone logs in, or to rename the file shsxs.dll found in Windows\system32. The problem is, when I installed this copy of Windows 8 on a test laptop, shsxs.dll no longer exists.

Anyone know of or hear of any other way to manipulate Metro? Anyone know what the new control file is?