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Nokia rumored to announce Windows Phone 8 devices 'as early as' next month

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Nokia is rumored to be planning to introduce two Windows Phone 8 handsets at its Nokia World event in September.

Windows Phone 8 SDK
Windows Phone 8 SDK

Microsoft is expected to finalize its Windows Phone 8 software in September and recent reports suggest that Nokia may announce its first next-generation devices at the same time. Chinese site WPDang originally reported that Nokia will likely introduce two Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets on September 5th, but Bloomberg is backing up the rumor somewhat. "A person with knowledge of the matter," has revealed to Bloomberg that Nokia may announce its Windows Phone 8 handsets "as early as" its Nokia World event next month.

Although the release and finalization of any Windows Phone 8 handsets is largely down to Microsoft's own timelines, an early Nokia unveiling may help it gain some early mindshare amongst consumers waiting on Apple's latest smartphone. With a rumored next-generation iPhone unveiling on September 12th, Nokia and Microsoft might not have a long time to counter any expected moves by Apple to introduce new hardware features in its handset. Nokia is holding an invitation only event in Helsinki on September 5th and 6th for its operator and retail partners — where we might see the first details on new hardware.