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Mystery HP tablet reappears in new ads

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An unannounced HP tablet shown in new ads could be part of HP's upcoming Windows 8 hardware line.

HP Tablet Commercial
HP Tablet Commercial

HP's unannounced tablet has appeared again in the company's latest set of ads. The silver-backed device is clearly the one used in last week's commercial, with its landscape-oriented logo and black plastic top bar. We still haven't gotten a look at the front of the tablet, let alone seen a functional screen or operating system, but it's rumored that this is the Windows 8-based Slate 8 that was leaked a few months ago. The latest picture does show some details that weren't in the last ad, like the apparent buttons and headphone jack along the top or a camera in the upper right-hand corner.

As Windows 8 draws closer to release on October 26th, we're expecting HP to announce its enterprise tablet. The image above is paired with a story about hospital patient management systems, which fits with a business-focused device, but it's still possible this is a design mockup meant only for the ads.