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Google's latest Doodle lets you run hurdles like an Olympian

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Google's newest Doodle lets you control a hurdler with your computer's arrow keys and space bar. The Doodle coincides with the 2012 Olympic Summer Games happening in London.

google doodle hurdles stock 1020
google doodle hurdles stock 1020

What better way to take part in the international spectacle that is the Olympic Summer Games than by mashing keys on a search engine home screen? Google's newest Doodle is entitled Hurdles 2012, and lets you control a hurdler’s sprint down the track with your left and right arrow keys and leap using the space bar. We confess, it’s a little tricky to get the timing right for the first couple of jumps, but believe us when we say it’s way easier than QWOP.

Thanks, John Fitzgerald!