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Photographing the moon as an Olympic ring

Photographing the moon as an Olympic ring


Reuters photographer Luke MacGregor describes his attempt to capture the moon underneath the Olympic rings hanging from London's Tower Bridge.

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Photographing the moon is one thing. Photographing the moon in perfect Olympic formation is quite another. Yet that's exactly what Reuters photographer Luke MacGregor did, after three nights of mishaps and missed connections. MacGregor's mission was to capture the full moon in alignment with the five Olympic rings suspended from London's Tower Bridge. From the perfect angle and at the perfect moment, the moon would assume the position of a "sixth ring" at the bottom of the logo.

Finding this one moment, however, proved rather difficult. MacGregor used a smartphone app to predict the moon's trajectory, but cloud coverage and bulky equipment combined to foil his first night of shooting. The following evening, he left his tripod at home and managed to position himself along the Thames in time for the moon's appearance, but the rings had been lifted to allow for a boat to pass underneath. Finally, on the third night, MacGregor and his Canon 5D Mark III managed to capture that elusive moment, as pictured above. And it was certainly worth it.