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XBMC and Ouya team up on integrated Android media center

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Ouya has announced a partnership with open source media center app XBMC, with team members set to receive early prototype units to ensure compatibility and functionality.

XBMC screen
XBMC screen

The team behind XBMC — the iconic cross-platform, open source media center which recently made its way on to Android — will receive early access to prototypes of the much-anticipated Ouya games console, making sure that the app provides a smooth experience on the platform. The two organizations claim a natural affinity based on their shared reliance on Google's open source operating system. According to a joint announcement posted on the XBMC blog and Ouya's Kickstarter page this morning, "many of Team Ouya support XBMC, and nearly a third of Team XBMC members are Ouya backers."

First announced at the beginning of last month, Ouya aims to undercut traditional consoles, retailing for just $99 and offering an open, hackable system, including a developer kit with every retail unit. In recent weeks, the project announced partnerships with cloud gaming platform OnLive and music service Vevo, and XBMC will provide an added level of open, DRM-free media functionality. With just under two days left on its Kickstarter page, Ouya has raised more than $6.8 million, and may seek further funding as production progresses.