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Microsoft launches new Windows Phone Dev Center with PayPal support

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Microsoft has launched a newly redesigned Windows Phone Dev Center this week with support for PayPal payments.

Windows Phone Developer Center
Windows Phone Developer Center

Microsoft is refreshing its Windows Phone Dev Center this week, with a newly redesigned look and options. The main aim of the launch is to improve the performance and reliability for Windows Phone developers who use the site regularly. Alongside the new look, Microsoft is also supporting PayPal, allowing developers to receive money using the payments service.

Microsoft has also switched on its in-app purchasing backend for its upcoming Windows Phone 8 apps, revealing that existing Windows Phone users will not see the benefits of apps built for in-app purchases. Other improvements include support for thousands of app beta testers for developers instead of a 100-tester limit and an improved sign-up and submission process. Microsoft is also breaking down its analytics for free, paid, trial, and beta apps into separate download categories. One final change sees Microsoft requiring tax and bank account information for submitting paid apps. The company doesn't retail the reason behind the requirement, but it likely serves as an additional fraud check for the company's billing systems.