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Amazon expands Locker Delivery to San Francisco

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Amazon has expanded its Locker service, which sends packages to convenience stores for pickup, to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Amazon box (STOCK)
Amazon box (STOCK)

Amazon Lockers, a program that lets buyers pick up packages from secure boxes in convenience stores rather than have them delivered to a residential address, has expanded into another major market. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon has set up lockers in several 7-Elevens around San Francisco, making it the fifth place to get them. Launched in late 2011, the program has previously put lockers in London, Seattle, New York, and Washington, DC; it's meant to be more secure and convenient than traditional delivery while saving Amazon the cost of shipping packages to multiple locations.

Some Silicon Valley locations were showing up last week, and we're now seeing about ten lockers listed around the Bay Area, though Amazon's help page still hasn't been updated with the information. While we hope to see the program expanded, The Wall Street Journal points out that Amazon lockers could be seen as a physical presence, leaving the company more vulnerable in its ongoing fight against sales tax. New York and Washington State already collect sales tax on Amazon purchases, and California is set to begin collecting it within the year.