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Shazam users have tagged five billion songs, ads, and TV shows

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To date Shazam has been used to tag five billion songs, advertisements, and television shows.

Shazam iPhone
Shazam iPhone

Music-recognition tool Shazam has announced a new achievement — to date the app has been used to tag five billion songs, ads, and television shows. According to the company, tag number five billion belongs to the song "Blow Me One Last Kiss" by pop singer P!nk, and the app is currently used more than ten million times each day. And things don't look to be slowing down all that much, with two million new users added each week, and new features like one-second tagging being added on a semi-regular basis. Shazam's competitors, meanwhile, are improving their services as well, with SoundHound recently launching an update complete with a refreshed interface and the ability to stream songs for free.