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Motorola hints at Friday LTE phone reveal, possibly the RAZR HD (update: no new phones)

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Motorola says it will be revealing a smartphone on Friday, possibly the much-leaked RAZR HD flagship.

Motorola Phone Teaser
Motorola Phone Teaser

Motorola's Facebook page promises the company's fans a "big reveal" on Friday. In the first of a series of clues, it says its mystery smartphone will come with 4G LTE; we're hoping the hints get more specific from there. HTC did a similar countdown before revealing its One line in February, but no Motorola event has been announced at this point. We're guessing, however, that this could herald the much-leaked RAZR HD, an alleged flagship Android phone with a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, 720p screen resolution, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and a thicker profile than the current Droid RAZR. The HD has also been linked with the codenames "Fighter" and "Vanquish." Whatever this belligerent device turns out to be, we'll be watching for more information over the course of the week.

Update: Looks like Motorola's not announcing anything of note. We've heard from the company that the Facebook posts are just a game, and that it will be revealing a current phone at the end of the week. Keep guessing if you want, but don't expect any surprises.