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SiriusXM On Demand launches with access to over 200 shows, offline playback

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SiriusXM On Demand launched today for web subscribers, allowing them to access and listen to shows whenever they want.

siriusxm android 1020 stock
siriusxm android 1020 stock

SiriusXM may be a major competitor to traditional AM/FM radio, but it has always maintained some of the limitations of that old tech. Most notably, subscribers were forced to tune in to shows at the specific times that they aired if the wanted to listen, but that's changing today with the launch of SiriusXM On Demand. The satellite radio company is offering up about 200 shows from entertainment, music, comedy, and sports for its internet subscribers to listen to at their leisure. While that doesn't cover every single show offered on the service, the company is opening up its back-catalog of shows for on demand access. SiriusXM says it'll be updating its offerings regularly with new content and different selections from its catalog.

You'll need to be an internet subscriber ($14.49 per month) or a regular subscriber with an internet package add-on to use the feature, and for now it's only available from the desktop or the iOS app — an updated Android app is coming "soon." With the change its clear that the company is moving on from its MP3 player-like recording devices to a more modern solution. Just like those players of old, however, customers will be able to download and listen to shows while offline — just like podcasts. That's all good news for fans of the service, but be warned: SiriusXM says "On Demand programming will be presented with minimal commercials on select shows," though music shows will thankfully remain ad-free.

Update: SiriusXM's support pages say the service "also gives you instant access to exclusive, never-aired content from many of your favorite channels."