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Good Deal: free Xbox 360 and $14.99 Windows 8 upgrade for college students who buy a new PC

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Microsoft is giving students a free Xbox 360 and a $14.99 upgrade to Windows 8 if they purchase a Windows laptop for college.

Windows 7 Back to School 2012
Windows 7 Back to School 2012

Microsoft has been running its "buy a PC for college, get a free Xbox 360" back-to-school promo for a while, but now that Windows 8 is looming over the horizon, students can also get an upgrade to Redmond's newest OS for $14.99 through the Windows Upgrade Offer. As with all good things, there's a catch: the laptop has to cost at least $699 and must be purchased from the Microsoft Store, Best Buy,, or directly from Dell or HP. It's also worth noting that while the Xbox that Microsoft is giving out is one of the newer and slimmer Xbox 360 S models, it's the entry-level 4GB model. Despite that, it's still a solid deal for students looking for an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get some new gadgets for the upcoming school year.