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Super Angry Birds custom controller adds a physical element to slinging birds

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A new custom controller lets you simulate slinging birds in Angry Birds.

Super Angry Birds
Super Angry Birds

There are plenty of ways to play Angry Birds, but the Super Angry Birds custom controller helps spice things up by adding a physical element to the game. By using a motorized slider, a customized Arduino microcontroller, and some programming knowhow, the creators managed to build a device that simulates the feedback of a slingshot — and there's even a separate switch for triggering each bird's special power. While it's not the first physical controller hack we've seen for the game, Super Angry Birds' design looks to offer a somewhat different experience compared to, say, a USB slingshot. Sadly, the controller isn't for sale, so if you're looking for a new way to sling birds you'll need to build one yourself.