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Wikipedia Redefined: a Lithuanian creative concept

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A Lithuanian creative agency has given WIkipedia a complete makeover, producing a concept that focuses on navigation and interaction.

Wikipedia Redefined (cropped)
Wikipedia Redefined (cropped)

Wikipedia is one of the world's most popular websites — a short period of downtime earlier this week caused panic on Twitter and other social networks — but its design has, arguably, failed to keep up with its iconic status. Lithuanian creative agency New! has attempted to solve that issue, publishing a comprehensive redesign of the site under the title Wikipedia Redefined. The lengthy concept includes mockups of the home page, individual language portals, and article pages, all reoriented around commonly-used functionality such as search. It's not the first speculative Wikipedia redesign that we've seen, but it goes further than most, paying particularly close attention to issues of navigation and interaction. Check it out at New!'s dedicated site, or view other work at their main homepage.